I would like to be a new-parts/services vendor (not swap-meet).
Cheapest deal around for show vendors.  $100!   Please contact Jonathan Leyh at 301-697-9351 or  fill out the vendor form under the vendor/sponsor tab.
I would like to bring used parts for the swap-meet.
$25 at the gate should get you a space. Contact us with any questions.  No refunds.

What’s the latest that vendors may set up?
We’re politely asking for vendors to arrive Sunday around 8 a.m.

May we request that another vendor be next to us?
We will not leave an empty space next to you so you can wait for another vendor to arrive. Coordinate ahead of time and show up together.

How many vendor cars are permitted per booth?
Two max. Contact Jonathan Leyh to make other arrangements.

Can vendor booth cars be judged?
Yes. Fill out a form at the registration booth and pay for registration to be judged.


Is there a rain date?

No. This show is rain or shine.

When do the gates open?
8 a.m.  on Sunday.

How will I get in?
We’re at the Lakeside Loop, Rocky Gap State Park. Signs will be up and DATG Crew will be directing you. Be courteous as lanes form.

I already registered online to show. Do I have to go somewhere special first?

Just go with the flow and get parked in the lot as directed and then see us at the registration booth.

 If you paid online, you must have either print outs or evidence of your PayPal receipt(s) AND your PHOTO ID ready.

I want to wait until the day of the show to register. How do I register then?

New registrants on day of the show will need to go to registration tent and be very patient. Fill out the registration form and have cash ready. This is why we have PRE-REGISTRATION. Now go pre-register!

I have to leave and can come back at some point. May I park in the show lot?
We will not allow show cars to leave and return into the main show lot in the middle of Sunday’s judging.
Have someone who is not showing a car be the one to run and get the stuff you need during the day.
If you leave with your car during the day and want to re-enter, you will be directed to park with the spectators.

May I save spots next to us for friends and their show cars?
No. We have to keep the entry flow moving, so no space saving will be permitted. Do not argue with the parking staff over saving spaces. We run the logistics of the show grounds.  Visitors do not. Please arrive together and we will do our best to park your group together.

What if I’m not showing a car on Sunday?
Spectators are Free on Sunday. You’ll be directed to park in spectator parking.

What if I’m parking my car at a vendor booth?
You won't be judged. If you want to be judged just register like everyone else. $10 pre and $20 day of. No refunds.

Can vendor booth cars be judged?
Do it! Fill out a form at the registration booth to be judged. Registration fee required.

What does it cost to show a car if I just show up the day of the show?
$20 per car. But why wait!!? Go get registered now for only $10.00

Is there a spectator fee? 
There is no spectator fee! So you have no reason not to come hang out.


What are the show classes?
They are listed under the class tab of this website. Search.

Which brands of cars are permitted to show on Sunday?
 Classes are Volkswagen (water and air-cooled) and Audi


Can I buy shirt from the show?
You sure can! We will have stickers as well

Raffles? Shut up and take my money!
Sunday afternoon, we will be raffling off all kinds of things from our sponsors!  We will save some surprises.


Will there be food?
Yep, we have Country Style Concessions! 

May I bring my dog(s)?
Absolutely. That's why we are doing this! Please clean up after them.

Can I bring alcohol?
No. It is illegal to have open container alcohol in the park. But please visit the Casino!

Will I be asked to leave if I have a concealed or non-concealed weapon on me?
Yes. Private show, so it’s our policy to forbid guns.

What else can’t I bring or do?
No burnouts. No drifting. No drugs. No nudity. No bad attitudes. No walking around peddling parts.

Still have Q's...

Contact Jonathan Leyh at 301-697-9351